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It’s a simple thing we often take for granted—you plug something in or flip a switch and voilà, the lights turn on, or your dishwasher runs, or a garage door opens.

Switching to Energo is a snap!

Just take a moment to find your provider and choose a plan. We’ll take care of the rest!

For customers in New York, we also offer Green Renewable Energy Solutions from New York renewable energy sources – so you can support a cleaner, greener environment.



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Fixed Pricing. One of the ways our team of Energy Advisors often makes for more manageable monthly expenses is by exploring the possibility of a fixed rate on your monthly electricity costs.

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Variable Pricing. Another option is variable pricing, which can offer remarkable savings in times of favorable market dips.

At Energo, we have a full-time staff that personally monitors your account and works with your Energy Advisor every step of the way studying usage, markets, and spotting new savings opportunities so you can take advantage of them on the spot.

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On or about January 1st, 2024, Energo’s active electricity accounts will begin to be transferred to Constellation NewEnergy Inc. Learn more & FAQs by clicking the link below. Please note, Energo remains strongly committed to its natural gas, petroleum and mechanical business, and we look forward to continuing to supply all your needs in that regard!