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August 31, 2017 - Petroleum Releases Today

The August Natural Gas Monthly, with data through June 2017, has been released.

  • In June 2017, for the first time in 15 months, dry natural gas production increased year-to-year from the same month a year ago. The preliminary level for dry natural gas production in June 2017 was 2,188 billion cubic feet (Bcf), or 72.9 Bcf/day. This level was a 1.3 Bcf/day (1.9%) increase from the June 2016 level of 71.6 Bcf/day.

  • The estimated natural gas consumption level in June 2017 was 1,883 Bcf, or 62.8 Bcf/day. This level was a decrease of 6.0%, or 4.0 Bcf/day, from the 2,003 Bcf consumed in June 2016. Natural gas consumption for June was the lowest for the month since 2014.

  • Year-over-year total consumption of dry natural gas in June 2017 increased in two of the four consuming sectors and decreased in the other two. Deliveries of natural gas by consuming sector in June 2017 were as follows:

    • Residential deliveries in June 2017 were 123.9 Bcf, or 4.13 Bcf/day, up 0.4% from 4.12 Bcf/day in June 2016. Residential deliveries were the third lowest for June since EIA began tracking them in 1973.

    • Commercial deliveries were 138.3 Bcf, or 4.61 Bcf/day, down 0.4% from 4.63 Bcf/day in June 2016.

    • Industrial deliveries were 608 Bcf, or 20.3 Bcf/day, up 3.1% from 19.7 Bcf/day in June 2016. Industrial deliveries were the highest for June since EIA began using the current sectoral definitions introduced in 2001.

    • Electric power deliveries were 834 Bcf, or 27.8 Bcf/day, down 14.1% from 32.4 Bcf/day in June 2016. Electric power deliveries were the lowest for June since 2014.

Monthly Crude Oil and Natural Gas Production
These monthly production estimates are based on data from the EIA-914, Monthly Crude Oil, Lease Condensate, and Natural Gas Production Report.

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