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Marathon Energy FAQs

Thousands of New York metro area customers are moving over to Marathon Energy every year. Before you run with Marathon, however, you may have some questions, and we’ve provided the answers here.

Q. Why choose Marathon Energy?

A. In a word, SAVINGS. We offer competitive pricing for heating oil, natural gas and electricity; and our energy efficiency professionals can audit, recommend, install and service money-saving energy equipment and solutions.

Q. Does Marathon Energy do more than simply deliver heating oil?

A. Yes, we do! That’s what makes us different than other heating oil companies. Not only do we deliver No. 2, No. 4, and No. 6 heating oil and eco-friendly Bioheat®, we provide a variety of cost-saving strategies and flexible financing to meet your budget requirements. Plus, we offer comprehensive mechanical services ranging from boiler and burner installations to energy efficiency solutions.

Q. Does anything change when I purchase my gas or electricity through Marathon Energy?

A. Not much at all! The transportation and the delivery of your energy remain regulated by the state. The local utility company still continues to deliver your energy through gas pipelines or the electric grid, so there is absolutely no disruption to your service when switching to Marathon Energy. The utility will also send you the bill, continue to read your meter and maintain your service. And, if you have an emergency related to your natural gas, you will still call your utility.

Q. How can I be certain that the price you offer is the price I’ll pay?

A. Marathon Energy is the only competitive energy provider that publishes historical competitive prices for natural gas and electricity on its website. That way, you can be sure you’re not getting any “special introductory rates” that won’t last for long, like some other energy companies offer.

Q. Which types of mechanical services do you offer?

A. Marathon Energy offers complete mechanical services for apartment building owners, office building managers, small business owners, and even homeowners – to ensure that all heating equipment is running efficiently and cost-effectively. We offer boiler and burner service and installations, oil-to-gas conversions, efficiency solutions, conservation advice, and cogeneration, among other services. Most importantly, we tailor our mechanical services to each client’s individual needs.

Q. What other services does Marathon Energy provide?

A. From comprehensive service agreements to flexible pricing, Marathon Energy offers a suite of time- and money-saving solutions you won’t get from your utility. Moreover, through our Mechanical Division, we professionally install, repair and maintain your comfort equipment. Plus, you can earn valuable points in our Marathon Customer Loyalty Rewards Program.