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Energy Advisors

We know. You’re not in the energy business. We also know that navigating the waters of ongoing utility costs and the uncertainties of market fluctuations, seasonal usage swings, and the impact that facilities and equipment can have on your daily, weekly, monthly, and annual expenses can be extremely frustrating, and it can be costly.

Good news! We ARE in the energy business. In fact, we’re the experts.

Our team of dedicated Energo Advisors are focused on helping business owners develop holistic energy strategies, for companies large and small. From the local bodega, to a sizable chain of dry cleaners, hospitals, stadiums, universities, factories, restaurants, office buildings, apartment complexes—you name it, we can provide a plan and collaborate as partners to power your profits. After all, our business is powering your business.

Someone you can count on!

Your Personal Energy Advisor will meet with you regularly. They are local, like you. They live and work in the same communities. They are relationship-focused individuals who are selected by Energo using a process that holds integrity and dependability in the highest regard.

We offer something the utilities companies can’t—peace of mind.

We can fix the costs of your energy for a period of time, eliminating the risk that comes with inevitable market volatility. Ask us how!

On or about January 1st, 2024, Energo’s active electricity accounts will begin to be transferred to Constellation NewEnergy Inc. Learn more & FAQs by clicking the link below. Please note, Energo remains strongly committed to its natural gas, petroleum and mechanical business, and we look forward to continuing to supply all your needs in that regard!